Mar 5, 2020

Using Tags in QuickBooks Online

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I just tested out tags today for the first time and wanted to share my thoughts so far. There are tag groups and tags. I can see that it will be very important to have clearly defined names for the tag groups. Below are the examples of the tag groups. Tutoring (TAG GROUP)Lisa W (tag)Billy C (tag)Steve C (tag)Software Training (TAG GROUP)Excel (tag)OneNote (tag)Outlook (tag)QBO (tag)Word (tag) To get started by adding your tags you click the gear icon and select tags. Add your first tag group. Remember it's super important to plan out your names and have organized group names. When selecting a transaction you can only add 1 tag from each group. Limits [...]

Jan 17, 2020

How to fix rejected bank transfers in QuickBooks Online

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If you feel frustrated because you don't know how to fix a rejected or failed bank transfer you are not alone. Thankfully there is a solution on how to get your books back in order if you can follow these steps. Thanks to our friends at Intuit, they have created a through list of sequences you can take to fix it. Here's a link to follow along.