How to export the QuickBooks Online proft and loss report to Excel

The Profit and Loss report is a financial document that shows income and expenses subtotals for a certain period of time. It is a very important document that is needed to report income for a tax period year. The report is also known as the Income Statement. Step 1: Click Reports on the left navigation tab and the select Profit and Loss report from the Business Overview category. Step 2: Change the date for the period you want to report Custom Range All Dates Today This Week This Week to-date This Month This Month to-date This Quarter This Quarter to-date This Year This Year to-date This Year to-last-month Yesterday Recent Last Week Last Week to-date [...]

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How to use formulas with dollar signs (aka Absolute Reference)

Do Excel formulas with dollar signs trip you up? If so, this video was made for you. I share how to understand and use the absolute reference and when it is time to switch to a mixed reference. I'll use the countif function to determine if someone with scores of 5 star rating has 3 or more frequencies. The video will make a lot more sense.   Enjoy!  

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