Add Gold Star Icons to Your Excel Reports

This post will teach you how to add gold stars to cells that meet a certain condition. In my example below, I want to highlight any cell that is greater than 90 for the customer service grade. First I select the cells. Then I click the Home tab–>Conditional Formatting–>New Rule. I select Icon Sets from the Format Style drop down and 3 Stars from the Icon Style drop down. Next I change the percentage to number so that it reads Gold Star is when value is  >=90 Number. I select no cell icon from the other icons to block any other number from showing a half star. The final output is displayed as.

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Create a Status Report with Green Checks and Red Flags in Excel

Imagine we have a spreadsheet that records a purchase date for when your customer places an order and a ship date for when the product ships. We would like to have a red flag in column A for orders that currently have not been shipped. And if the product has shipped we would like a green check mark. See the below the example and then keep reading and I’ll show you how to create this spreadsheet using either Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016. Note that row 6 and row 10 displays a red flag because those orders have not been shipped. Step 1: Click in cell A2 and write a formula =IF(G2=””,-1,G2-F2). This IF function checks if the Ship [...]

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