How to write donation thank you letters using QuickBooks Online

In this video, I will teach you how to generate thank you letters using a mail merge in Word. First I begin with QBO to create the two reports necessary. Those include "Sales by Customer Summary". It may also say "Sales by Donor/Member Summary" depending on your QBO preferences. I export that report after I filtered the dates and income categories. Next I export a QBO report called Customer Contact List. It also may be called Donor/Member Contact List. Once I have those two reports in 1 Excel file, I can use a vlookup to find the amounts donated.   Watch the video for step by step instruction.

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How to Automate Emails to Individual Donors with Amount Donated in Email Body

This post will teach you how to write an email to your donors that records the dollar amount of donation in the email body. You will need 3 software tools to make this happen. Word Excel Outlook   First create an Excel spreadsheet with the headers of the name of the recipient, email, and amount donated. Then verify that you have the total amount donated. If your donors made several payments you will want to consolidate and make a clean list with one row per each donor and have the subtotals summed up. To start open up Word. Click the Mailings tab then choose Select Recipients–>Use an Existing List. Navigate to select the Excel file. [...]

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