A small business owner faces many daily tasks and long term goals. I believe a strong business is one that has a clearly defined vision, mission, and core values. They are also known not just by the business owner, but also its team members.


I think of the vision statement to reflect where you are going. If it can be accomplished in your life time it might be too little.


I think of a vision statement to symbolize a compass which points you towards your true north.

Sequentia Solutions Vision statement is “Empower small business owners with effective and practical solutions.”


The mission statement is what you are about on the day to day schedule. It can be achieved in our lifetime. It can shift with the seasons.

I like to think of the mission statement as a thermometer. One where you daily engage in what the reading is and take direction and instructions with your outlook.

Sequentia Solutions Mission statement is “Always be learning and growing to delivery the best value to our customers.”


Core values is how your team members, customers, and vendors see you do. They reflect unspoken words and attitudes towards your work.

Sequentia Solutions core values are:

  • Being Prepared
  • Aware and Care
  • Prudent Mindset
  • John 15:5