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Steve Chase grew up in Dayton, OH but now calls San Antonio, TX home along with his entrepreneur wife, Erin, and their 4 sons. Steve founded Sequentia Solutions in 2017 to help small business owners grow their business with practical and effective solutions. Steve's #1 Clifton StrengthsFinder skill is Learner which comes in handy while he teaches others how to best use various business software applications like QuickBooks Online and Excel. Steve is an active volunteer leader with the Boy Scouts and treasures the lessons he learned while participating in Scouts as a youth on his path to Eagle. Steve enjoys drinking coffee, a good book, visiting art museums, and doing math problems using a brand new sharpened #2 pencils.

How to decide which QuickBooks Online version is right for you?

QuickBooks Online offers three options to purchase. Simple Start Essentials Plus As of June 2018, the pricing is $20 (QuickBooks Online Simple Start), $40 (QuickBooks Online Essentials) and $60 (QuickBooks Online Plus) per month. As your business moves forward, you can opt to upgrade or downgrade your plan. If you want to track inventory in QBO, then need to purchase the Plus version. If you are a non-profit you probably want a copy of the Plus version so you can use the Class tracking feature. TechSoup offers a $50 price for the entire year for copy of a new QuickBooks Plus version. If you are a business coach then you can go with the Simple [...]

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How to reconcile your checking account in QuickBooks Online

If you have a QuickBooks Online account, you should be performing monthly reconciliations for each business checking and credit card account you have. Reconciliation is the process of matching your bank statements to your QuickBooks registers. This process ensures that you do any course correction such as dealing with QuickBooks duplicate entries or bank errors. Before you can reconcile, you will need to obtain your monthly statement from your bank. A checking account statement will have the following: Account Number Beginning Balance Ending Balance Date range period Summary Information that is helpful for the person reconciling: Subtotal of Deposits and Additions (Instances) Checks Paid (Instances) ATM & Debit Card withdraws Electronic withdraws Other withdraws Bank [...]

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How to fix duplicates Vendors in Quickbooks Online

If you discover that you have duplicate Vendors in QuickBooks Online there is a way to merge the records into one. For example, if you have two vendors in QBO, one called "AIRBNB" and the other called "AirBandB" you could merge them together. This means that all the field data would stay with the Vendor you merge into. If you had separate email addressess, then the one that would remain is Vendor whose name you type in Step 4 below. Step 1: Verify that you indeed have the same vendor listed twice, but with a different name. Step 2: Click on the vendor that the name is incorrect. Step 3: Click Edit (upper right corner) [...]

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How to export the QuickBooks Online proft and loss report to Excel

The Profit and Loss report is a financial document that shows income and expenses subtotals for a certain period of time. It is a very important document that is needed to report income for a tax period year. The report is also known as the Income Statement. Step 1: Click Reports on the left navigation tab and the select Profit and Loss report from the Business Overview category. Step 2: Change the date for the period you want to report Custom Range All Dates Today This Week This Week to-date This Month This Month to-date This Quarter This Quarter to-date This Year This Year to-date This Year to-last-month Yesterday Recent Last Week Last Week to-date [...]

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How to connect to the bank feeds in QuickBooks Online

Instead of manually entering financial transactions, you can connect your QuickBooks Online account to the bank feeds. Bank feeds can connect to banks and credit card accounts. Step 1: Make sure that you have added the bank account or credit card account in the chart of accounts (Gear > Chart of Accounts). Step 2: Click on the Banking tab in the left menu navigation bar. Click "add account" in the upper right corner. Step 3: Enter the name of your banking institution and select the thumbnail associated with it. Step 4: Enter the same username and password that you would use to log into your bank online. Step 5: Click Continue and then select "I [...]

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