I’d like to share a story on how I became involved with A2X. It all started after I took a phone call from a prospective customer who wanted a new bookkeeper. This customer was already using Quickbooks Online and had a growing Amazon FBA seller’s account. Immediately I became intrigued to see if I could find a way to guide them to success navigating around the Amazon settlement reports using QBO. Since that phone call, I have been on a journey of learning Amazon FBA bookkeeping skills! At first, I thought to solution would be to export the transactions from Amazon to Excel then run a PivotTable in Excel and then manually enter the sales in QBO. But, I learned very quickly that Amazon’s settlement reports are very deceptive and spreadsheet exports would lead to more headaches than smiles.

As a QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor, I knew there were e-commerce apps that helped connect QBO and Amazon. I just know which ones were the best. So I then went to apps.com which is the official marketplace by Intuit QuickBooks to view a marketplace of 3rd party supported e-commerce apps that could connect with QBO.  I picked several apps based on the reviews and connected with 3 providers. We did demos on Zoom and each company provided what seemed to be solutions that would be better than doing it alone.

After careful research of about 5 weeks, I decided the best fit for my firm would be to pick A2X. I am very happy with the A2X service!

My on-boarding experience with my first customer felt so good because it went so smoothly. The on-boarding team was caring and available!

I appreciated that I had an A2X expert helping me reconcile the first settlement report we sent over from A2X to QBO. They were able to take the extremely complex data and bring it into QBO. They even solved a problem that I was even aware was a problem by breaking sales up by months. A typical business checking account will be monthly, but a typical Amazon statement will span over a two month period.  I love how A2X can accurately reports sales based on months.

Recently I had the chance to have one on one meeting with the founder and owner of A2X, Paul Grey. We met in San Jose at the QuickBooks Connect conference. It was great to listen to his story on how he started A2X and how it is helping many Amazon FBA sellers.

If you would like to speak to me about how our firm can help you connect A2X and QuickBooks Online please send an email to [email protected].

If you would like to work with a member of the A2X team, please visit https://www.a2xaccounting.com/