How to run the Profit and Loss report by Customers in QuickBooks Online

The Profit and Loss report by Customer (aka Income Statement) will display your income, expenses and net income (profit or loss) by customer. Like the regular P&L report, it will be based on a starting and ending period of time. You can access the P&L by Customer by first clicking Reports on the left navigation bar. Then scroll down and select Profit and Loss By Customer which is in the Business Overview section. You can also find it in the search bar by typing "profit" and then selecting the report from the pop up list. This report will help you understand a clearer picture of income or losses by customers.  

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How to export the QuickBooks Online proft and loss report to Excel

The Profit and Loss report is a financial document that shows income and expenses subtotals for a certain period of time. It is a very important document that is needed to report income for a tax period year. The report is also known as the Income Statement. Step 1: Click Reports on the left navigation tab and the select Profit and Loss report from the Business Overview category. Step 2: Change the date for the period you want to report Custom Range All Dates Today This Week This Week to-date This Month This Month to-date This Quarter This Quarter to-date This Year This Year to-date This Year to-last-month Yesterday Recent Last Week Last Week to-date [...]

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