A productivity breakout session with Joe Woodard at QBConnect

Joe Woodard taught a breakout session at QBConnect called "Conquering task overload: The art of living with extreme productivity and intentionality." It was great to see Joe present since I have been a fan of his with his scaling new heights podcast and other resources he publishes. He started saying that it is a myth that the measurement of productivity is efficiency. Instead, the truth is the measurement of of productivity is outputs, effectiveness, and mental clarity. Results of "multi-tasking" include distraction, disrespect, inefficiency, diminished effectiveness and decreased mental clarity. Joe shared a that we can be victims of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). He made a point in which I greatly resonated with. That [...]

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How to run a Profit and Loss report by Month in QuickBooks Online

The Profit and Loss report by month is an insightful report that sheds insight on monthly income or losses. As as small business owner, this report can help you understand which month was your highest net income month. It also can report which month had the greatest expenses. Knowing your income by month will help you create budgets and have a greater clarity of how your business operates in a yearly cycle. You may wish to collapse the report details by clicking the arrows next to Income, Cost of Goods Sold, and Expenses.

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My OntraPort Certified Consultant Course Week in Santa Barbara was Amazing

So there I was smoking a Dominican Republic cigar in my backyard on May 19th, 2017. It was a Friday night and I had my backyard to myself under a moonlit sky and I was happy to declare it "me time." This was my time to celebrate taking "the leap" after resigning from working in my old 9 to 5, 401K world. I left on good terms with my employer and was now truly free to start my own business. For the first time, I had my eyes wide open to the realities of getting as close as possible to my customers in helping them solve their problems. I was determined that night that if [...]

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