Download my printable  Excel Keyboard Shortcuts.

Insert Today’s Date—————————————- Control + Semi Colon

Change Workbooks—————————————- Control + Tab

Navigate quickly to last contiguous cell range—— Control + arrow key

Select across contiguous cell range——————– Control + Shift + arrow key

Navigate back to top————————————– Control + Home

Navigate to sheet to right——————————– Control + Page Down

Navigate to sheet to the left—————————– Control + Page Up

AutoSum—————————————————— Alt + =

Insert Worksheet——————————————- Shift + F11

Bold———————————————————– Control + B

Italic———————————————————– Control + I

Underline—————————————————- Control + U

Change Font————————————————- Control + Shift + F

Print Preview———————————————— Control + F2

Find———————————————————— Control + F

Replace——————————————————- Control + H

Insert Hyperlink——————————————— Control + K

Help———————————————————– F1

Absolute Reference—————————————- F4

Repeat Formatting—————————————– F4

Insert Chart————————————————– F11

Save As——————————————————- F12

Spell Check————————————————– F7

Undo———————————————————- Control + Z

Redo———————————————————– Control + Y

Create Table———————————————— Control + T

Currency Format——————————————- Control Shift + 4

Fill Cells Right———————————————– Control + R

Fill Cells Down———————————————- Control + D

Copy———————————————————– Control + C

Cut————————————————————- Control + X

Paste———————————————————- Control + V

Save———————————————————– Control + S

Open———————————————————- Control + O

Close———————————————————- Control + W

New———————————————————– Control + N

Copy cell from above————————————– Control + Double Quote

Format Cells————————————————- Control + F1