The Audit Log will report all activity with a timestamp on the user who performed the transaction. An audit log report could show you when and who voided or deleted a transaction from the register. It also could let you see if a transaction changed from a reconciled status to un-reconciled status.

Access the Audit Log by clicking on the gear icon which is located in the upper right corner then click Audit Log from the tools menu.

audit log quickbooks online

You will see the following headers:

  • Date Changed
  • User
  • Event
  • Name
  • Date
  • Amount
  • History

audit log

A special trick that I like to use is the filter button to view all voided/deleted transactions.

Click the filter button then check box the transactions box with the Show drop as Deleted/Voided Transactions.


show deleted voided transactions audit log quickbooks online

PRO TIP: Voided transactions can be brought back to life as you change the zero to it’s original amount. Deleted transactions have to be recreated from scratch.